Watermelon Pearls with Mascarpone

We absolutely cannot take credit for this idea. Whew – now that that’s off my chest, let me tell you about this cool recipe we copied from the geniuses over at Woodfire Grill.

When we went there for Gardner’s birthday dinner, we ordered the five-course tasting menu. After the second course, our waitress brought us a little “taste” of “Watermelon pearls, Mascarpone, Cyprus Black Lava Salt.” It was beautiful. Just looking at it made me smile – they took an itty-bitty melon baller and made “pearls” of watermelon. (If you know me well, you know that I love all things miniature, well, except for when it comes to dogs.) When the little pearls were piled together, it kind of reminded me of salmon roe. Just genius, right?

Is there are part of you that’s thinking, “whoop-ti-do – that’s a pile of watermelon with a dollop of mascarpone cheese – what’s the big deal?”

Little bites like this are why food will never get old, cooking will never get boring, and I will never go hungry. I think this was my favorite part of that amazing meal. The black lava salt, which we substituted with chardonnay oak-smoked salt, adds just the right kick to the melon, and the cheese adds a subtle little tartness that pairs so well with the sweet melon.

I searched this whole city for an itty-bitty melon baller. No dice. But I did find these:

a Dash, a Smidgen, and a Pinch

How adorable are these? Lord knows I would never measure a pinch, but the Smidgen one was a perfect mini-melon baller. This isn’t the kind of thing that I think a bunch of you are going to go make, so I didn’t make a recipe page, but if you want to make it: mini-melon piled up, dollop of mascarpone, and a little pinch of fancy salt on each. DE-lish.

Thanks for reading the marathon post. Hope things are happy and fun in your life, too.

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