Dragon fruit adventure

Have you ever seen or heard about these things?

It’s commonly called a Dragon fruit, or a pitaya. They are apparently very popular in Vietnam, Indonesia, Central America and…Atlanta.

We spotted them at the Dekalb Farmer’s Market (where we bought the crawfish) and Gardner could NOT leave the store without one…which is part of what I love about him. Without his childlike curiosity about crazy looking food, I never would have known that they look like THIS on the inside…

…and even after seeing this, I definitely wouldn’t have tasted it had he not insisted that we go on a foodie adventure together. 🙂

He scooped out the flesh, with me lingering over his shoulder making hesitant, but interested faces. Then he chopped it up neatly, piled it back into the skin, drizzled some Cointreau over it, and served it up with a huge smile on his face.

It’s so funky looking and so colorful that I feel sure he’ll want to serve this to guests. He loves the shock factor. It’s pretty tasty too – a little bland, but you could drizzle Cointreau on a stack of hay and I’d eat it. Most of all, it was a fun little dessert adventure.

If you can find these crazy fruits at a market near you, go ahead and try one and let us know what you think! Isn’t food fun?!

4 responses to “Dragon fruit adventure

  1. We ate some very wonderful things in Switzerland, but nothing so spectacular, so colorful as the dragon fruit. You two are so FUN! love you!

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