Busy Bees!

We are in a relatively stress-free stage of life. We are married, without kids, and are employed. Seems easy, right? We’re sure that when we have kids life is going to get even crazier…but things seem pretty wild at the moment.

We miss Africa!

We got back from an incredible trip to Malawi last Wednesday. Then, that Friday, we flew to Dallas for a friend’s wedding. It was really fun. Somehow I managed to fit into the bridesmaid’s dress from my brother’s wedding in 2007. Which was surprising because since then we’ve started this food blog. We had a blast. Our flight landed back home at 12:20am on Sunday night. Needless to say, work on Monday was a doozy.

Black Tie Wedding in Dallas - Congrats Chris and Jessica!

Today is Thursday. Tomorrow morning at 5:50am, we’re flying to Memphis, TN for the wedding of 2 other close friends. We get back home on Sunday night – and then Gardner drives off on Monday morning to ATLANTA!

(We’re moving to Atlanta – did I leave that part out? We’ve been packing boxes in our “down” time.)

Every single thing we’re doing is fun and exciting and awesome. It just means that this food blog is being ignored in a major way.

the new kitchen!

Rest assured that our new kitchen is bigger and better, and many more recipes and food photos are coming your way soon!

We hope you are happy and safe, and enjoying the summer weather wherever you are!

3 responses to “Busy Bees!

  1. Oh, your new kitchen looks so fancy…can’t wait to see more pictures of your new home all set up!

  2. MK and Gardner, we are so excited you are moving to Atlanta! We can’t wait to hear about your trip and catch up with you! Gardner, we would love to have you for a meal in June, before MK moves down here. Please e-mail or call us and we will pick out a date!
    What is the address of the house you will be liviing in?

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