We’re Back!

On Wednesday morning at 7:40am, after 30+ hours of travelling, our plane landed at Dulles Airport concluding an incredible trip to see Sandy and Kate in Malawi.  We met wonderful people along the way, saw elephants, zebras, crocodiles, hippos, and more out in the wild, ate delicious food (of course), and tried to soak up every minute in that beautiful country.  Though two weeks of vacation seems so long, we were not even close to ready to leave when it came time to pack our bags.

Sandy and Kate were awesome hosts

One of the places we stayed was in Cape Maclear, a village that’s situated on shores of Lake Malawi.  We stayed there for two nights, enjoying the beautiful views, but also getting acquainted with the day-to-life in a Malawian village.  As students of Bourdain, how else would one get to know a culture than by eating?!

Grass-reed Chalets in Cape Maclear

Here are some pictures from one of our favorite meals during our trip at a local restaurant called the Blue Cactus.  There was one outdoor table situated under a flowering tree, and everything was made from scratch.  We watched life go by on the dirt street outside from our perch and enjoyed a Carlsberg Green (beer) while we waited for our food to arrive.

"Where Good People Meet"... I like that slogan!

The Outside Table

The traditional food in Malawi centers around something called Nsima- which is sort of like extra thick grits that are made from pounding and grinding corn.   You pick up the Nsima with your hands and use it to scoop up the rich, delicious stews and curries.  As you can see from the pictures, it’s not the most attractive eating style possible, but it sure was delicious!

Goat Curry and Nsima

Trying to eat goat curry and nsima...

We’ll post more about our trip in the coming weeks, but wanted to get something up as soon as we could to share a small piece of our African adventure.

New Friends

3 responses to “We’re Back!

  1. Oh my, we loved this post and the pictures! So very glad you had this awesome trip and the time together. love y’all!

  2. Great post! We miss you guys already, but look forward to hearing about the Frugal Foodie ATL addition!

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