Eggs Benedict

Happy May!

I somehow still can’t believe that May is already upon us – even though it’s now May 4th. I guess I’d better get in the spirit before Cinco de Mayo rolls around! By the way – if you’re planning a cinco de mayo party, don’t forget about Pineapple SalsaMango Salsa,  Authentic Mexican Chicken Tacos, and Pineapple Pork Tacos!

We’re sorry we haven’t exactly been active bloggers lately – life seems crazier than ever. Gardner graduates from law school in less than 2 weeks! When life seems crazy I always find breakfast-for-dinner comforting – but I can’t explain why. I think eggs benedict for dinner is one of the most delicious concoctions ever.

Now that you’re a egg-poaching pro (you made that salad, right?!), you need to try making eggs benedict.  We used lamb bacon from the butchery, instead of canadian bacon or normal bacon – and it was extra delicious. Enjoy!

Recipe: Eggs Benedict

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