Bread Pudding… with leeks?

You may remember that a while back, we posted one of our Valentine’s day recipes and told you about the great meal that we had.  While the scallop and plum ceviche was delicious, it was just the beginning – there was a whole main course to follow!  We got to eat the main course about 30 minutes after we finished the ceviche, but you’ve had to wait over a month.  We apologize for the delay. 

 As we’ve also mentioned recently, one of our best gifts over Christmas was Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home cookbook.  Some of the recipes are new and unique ideas that we never would’ve thought of without the book.  Other recipes take food that we loved (sea scallops, duck breast, etc.) and teach us to cook them perfectly.  After Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook, this may be our top recommendation for a great guide in the kitchen.

 Our main course for Valentine’s only had two components and we’re sharing them both with you over the next few days.  The most time consuming portion of the dish was a leek bread pudding, which was rich and decadent.  We laid two slices of the bread pudding on our plates and then on top, placed slices of roasted duck breast.  The result was a warming, rich, flavorful meal – perfect for a cold February night.

 Today, we’re posting the recipe for the leek bread pudding, but come back on Monday to see the duck recipe along with some thoughts on Valentine’s

dining (again, a month late…)

Recipe: Leek Bread Pudding

One response to “Bread Pudding… with leeks?

  1. Ho ho ho I bet that was good! I love savory bread puddings, and they go so well with roasted meat! Perfect for the winter-like weather we’re having of late!!

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