Family Secrets Revealed

Did that make you click on this post faster than usual?!

If you were looking for some really juicy piece of gossip, you’re barking up the wrong tree; but if you’re looking for a path to juicy, flavorful, versatile chutney, you’ve come to the right place!

Ever since the pear tree out at Sweet Springs started producing great crops of pears, chutney has been my family’s favorite way to preserve the bountiful harvest.  Once you taste the final product, you won’t believe that the directions on the recipe are so straightforward and simple.  Its elegance is in its simplicity – and the flavors are fantastic on so many different foods.

The recipe isn’t really a secret, but more of a family tradition when the pear tree really gives us more pears than we know what to do with.  As a thanks for all of your support in reading our blog, we’ll forego the normal Southern practice of keeping this recipe card close to the chest.

We know this recipe is a little bit out of season- it would’ve been best if we posted this when the pears were falling off the tree in fall, but maybe this will give you inspiration for next year.  Or, if you’re impatient, just go to the grocery store and get the best looking pears they have – we won’t tell.

Recipe: Sweet Springs Pear Chutney

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