Un-Southern Catfish

Growing up in the South, I had the pleasure of tasting catfish throughout my childhood.  Sometimes it was fried, with that perfect southern batter and beautiful golden hue.  Other times, influenced by the way-south of Louisiana, I had blackened catfish – which is very different from its fried counterpart, but still a delicious southern treat.

We told you about our trip to the local fish market recently; we bought catfish, croaker, and trout, all of which have turned out to be delicious.  For the trout and the croaker, we dredged the fish in a combination of flour and spices, and then fried it in a pan of hot oil for a great meal.

When we got the catfish, I knew of some preparations that would be a fun trip down memory lane, but also thought it would be fun to branch out.  A quick internet search told me that catfish is also part of Thai cuisine, and from various recipes, we made up this dish using coconut milk, curry powder, and vegetables.  Served over rice, it’s fantastic, but much different, than its southern-style-prepared cousins.

Recipe: Curried Catfish

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