Stuffed and wrapped pork loin

Throughout the fall and winter, it’s important to schedule some rich, hearty, decadent meals to make you forget that its raining and thirty-five degrees outside.  When you love pork, pears, and bacon, it’s not too hard to decide on what that meal should be…

This recipe is a 2frugalfoodies original recipe- one that we came up with what we had in our refrigerator, fruit basket, and spice cabinet, and it came out really well.  Like other recipes we’ve posted in the past, this recipe calls for cutting the pork loin open like a three-fold brochure, then stuffing it and then wrapping it with bacon.  This time, we’ve included crudely drawn diagrams made from the Paint program to help you out (and if they’re not helpful, you can at least be amused at our attempt…)

As a relatively simple recipe that we came up with, this would be a great platform to build on in your own kitchen- add different spices or fillings and make this stuffed/wrapped pork loin your own.  And when you do – let us know what you did so we can try it ourselves next time!

Recipe: Pear Stuffed & Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin

One response to “Stuffed and wrapped pork loin

  1. This one looks good. I’m going to make it some time soon. I’ll let you know how mine turns out. Keep them coming. Your blog is always a pleasant distraction and something to look forward to. Love, Edwin

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