Grapefruit Cake

We’ve talked a lot about grapefruits, and about main courses for Christmas, but not much about the desserts we tried throughout the Christmas season. I know Christmas has passed, but this cake will not soon be forgotten… it is Thomas Keller’s Grapefruit Cake. Gardner received his cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home, for Christmas, and I was surprised to find lots of recipes that excited me, too.

This cake is so mouth-wateringly delicious, so divine, that I’ll actually be sad if you don’t try it.  I realize that I  say everything is delicious – but this, THIS, takes the cake. It’s moist and tangy and sweet and just so good that I really could eat it every single day. Even though this cake is fairly low fat (no butter, no shortening, etc), the only thing stopping me from eating it right this minute are my stupid new years resolutions.

The day that I give up on my resolutions (probably sometime in early February), I’m going to make this again.

Recipe: Grapefruit Cake

6 responses to “Grapefruit Cake

  1. Love this cookbook and was actually eyeing this recipe too! Glad to hear it’s good! Charlie got this cookbook for Christmas too — he is also in love with all James Peterson’s cookbooks!

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