Exams are over!

…so let’s eat rillettes!

First- the relatively low frequency of posts recently is due to lots of work for Mary Katherine and exams for Gardner.  While the work is still going strong, exams finished yesterday!  One more semester of law school left, and then I’ll hit the real world again- which is an exciting prospect.  (Especially once I figure out what I’ll be doing…)

In the meantime, with no studying to do, why not celebrate the holidays, snow, friends, family, and all the good things with a decadent plate of rillettes.   We’ve talked about rillettes before, but this is the first time that we’re posting a recipe so that you can make them too.

Rillettes is one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite dishes- when he first saw it on the menu at Les Halles, when he was thinking about working there, he said it was “like finding an old friend.”  (By the way, yes, we did order it when we were there and it was fantastic.)  Not only would we recommend ordering it at a restaurant or buying it a butchery, but we also recommend making it!!

Tony describes it better that we can: “[I]t sets the tone for an enjoyable eat-with-your-hands-and-have-a-good-time kind of evening.  Kick off a meal with rillettes and you don’t have to wipe the plate rims, garnish the entree, or remember to keep your elbows off the table.  Rillettes is something you serve friends- and people you already know you like.”

Recipe: Rillettes

2 responses to “Exams are over!

  1. Hi Amy! Some sort of explanation might be helpful… we did leave that part out! The quickest way I know of to explain rillettes is French pulled pork barbeque, without the sauce. The recipe explains in detail, but it’s basically pork belly, pork shoulder, and pork fat, plus seasoning. Hard to get better than that in my book…

  2. And here is the million dollar question. What are rillettes? Part of me thinks it looks like a tuna dip or something, but then there is a sneaking part of me that thinks it may be a weird animal body part.

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