Indian Eggplants

We recently found Indian eggplants- they are much smaller than normal eggplants- maybe the size of a pear.  We’re not sure how different their taste is from the eggplants that we normally eat, but it was really fun to get them in a mini format.

As you probably know, we’ve been trying to branch out recently and cook meals from different cultures and countries than what we normally eat.  A lot of this focus has turned to India, China, and Asian food in general.  We’ve been trying a lot of different curry dishes and eating much more rice than we ever have before.

Today’s recipe is for an Eggplant Bhurtha which, to our untrained palates, tastes like an Eggplant Curry.  We served it over rice along with some flat bread and we really enjoyed it.  Whether you find the mini Indian eggplants or not, we definitely recommend this for a healthy vegetarian option in the middle of the week.

Recipe: Indian Eggplant Bhurtha

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