Post Thanksgiving Pasta

There’s something magical about a Thanksgiving table.  Sure- there’s all the happy/sentimental family and friends and blessings talk, which is important.  But from a food perspective, a Thanksgiving table is like none other.  First- going back for seconds feels great no matter how big your first plate was.  At least for me it felt great until about an hour later when a nap was required before I could move again…

Secondly, and what we talked about some over our Thanksgiving meal, is that as much as we love the turkey, the dressing, the potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce/relish, etc., we really only have it once or twice a year.   Perhaps it’s because eating it infrequently makes it all the more special and delicious when we do eat it.  Or, maybe, it’s because that second plate is enough to last us for a very, very long time.

Our post today is for those who feel like the second notion is more correct.  If you’re tired of turkey, sweet potatoes, dressing, and all things Thanksgiving, just make some pasta carbonara tonight.  The recipe is relatively simple, it’s somewhat healthy (particularly if you leave out the cream) and we think it’s delicious.

Carbonara is one of my favorite pasta dishes- especially when it’s done just right by someone who really knows what they’re doing.  When we were in New York, we went to an Italian place that several people recommended to us, and the Carbonara was incredible- no ridiculous add-ons like spinach or shell pasta- it was just simple, classic carbonara.  Because we didn’t want to pit ourselves against the skilled chef from that evening, our recipe on 2frugalfoodies goes out on a limb- it’s carbonara with spinach and shell pasta!

We think it’s good and we hope you do too, but please don’t compare this recipe to your favorite Italian place…

Recipe: Pasta Carbonara with Spinach


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