International Supermarkets are great

This past Sunday, on a beautiful afternoon, we decided to run a few errands and drive around town to be out in the sunshine.  (Don’t worry, we had already taken Chance on a walk, so he got his time in the sun, too.)   On a whim, we decided to go into a large international supermarket, with mostly Asian food products, but with a few others scattered throughout the shelves.

What a fun experience!  We came away with quail eggs (which we talked about on our last post), bok choy, Jamaican ginger beer, olives, French butter, Schezuan chili sauce, and a whole new excitement about food.  Among the items we left with were also frozen won tons (pork and black mushroom) and won ton soup base mix.   The recipe isn’t terrible complicated: you just combine the base with water, then cook the wontons and carrots in the broth, finally adding the bok choy at the end.

We’re working up to making our own won tons, but in the meantime, here’s a picture of what we made for dinner that night:

It was delicious!  And, now that we’ve found a whole new market and new source of inspiration, some of those ideas will be coming through on the blog.  So, forgive us if we use a few ingredients that we’ve never heard of either, but we hope you’ll enjoy this direction as much as we are.

One response to “International Supermarkets are great

  1. Y’all should definitely try making some homemade potstickers (we have good recipes and you can find the wrappers at your supermarket probably) and freezing them. They’re a perfect weekday meal with sticky rice.

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