Mini Eggs Benedict with Quail Eggs

In more than two incredibly happy years of marriage, one thing that I’ve learned about Mary Katherine is her love of all things that are mini.  Mini spatulas, mini chairs, mini whisks, any clothing for babies (inherently mini), mini pancakes, and so forth and so on.   When I brought up mini eggs, she wasn’t so sure.

But, another thing that I’ve learned about her is that she’s an incredibly good sport and is a fantastic adventurous eating partner.  So, when we found quail eggs (more later on the source), it didn’t take too much talking before we were leaving the store with a mini package of 10 mini eggs. This is how mini they were:

Really pretty, aren’t they?  As much as it was hard to crack these beauties, you have to crack some eggs to make an omelette… or in our case, mini eggs benedict.  While these would be great for breakfast, we actually had them for dinner. We made some with sauteed mushrooms (vegetarian!), some with bacon (not vegetarian!) and some with both.  In the end, we liked the ones with both more than either component by itself.

Because they are mini eggs benedict, we used baguette slices instead of English muffins, and we really liked this substitution, particularly for dinner.  The eggs themselves were delicious, not all that different in taste from a chicken egg.  But of course, they were mini.

Recipe: Mini Eggs Benedict

One response to “Mini Eggs Benedict with Quail Eggs

  1. Loved the quail egg mini commentary and pictures! Always, you are so wonderfully original and make food so much fun!

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