Naan to go with the Curry

One of the main reasons that we were so excited about the curry recipe that we last posted was not only the new flavors of the curry itself, but because of the naan that we got to eat with it.  Because we wanted to really branch out and embrace Indian food, we decided to be risky and make our own Naan bread.  (This was also helpful, because with Trader Joe’s further away from our new home, Naan bread is harder to find!)

This recipe turned out really well- it was great for sopping up the liquids from the bowl of the curry.  We recommend broiling it right before eating, or, if that’s too much of a hassle- re-heat the naan so that it’s hot and fluffy when you’re serving it.  Either way- it’s going to be delicious.

Recipe: Naan Bread

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