Patatas Bravas

Do you remember back in May when we tried eating vege/pescetarian for a whole month?  One of the first recipes that we made were fish tacos, and we also had a side dish- patatas bravas.  And, we hate to admit it, we lied to you.  Here’s the picture from that post:

And, here’s what we said: “By the way – those are patatas bravas on the plate with the tacos. We’ll get around to posting a recipe for them soon!”  So… now, five months and fifteen days later, we’re posting a new recipe- patatas bravas!

We don’t even have a new picture to go with it, we just cropped the old one and focused on the potatoes instead of the tacos.  This is a good, simple recipe that takes practice to perfect.  You can see from the picture that our potatoes are far from evenly browned, but they were delicious anyway.

Hope you enjoy it- sorry for the delay!

Recipe: Patatas Bravas

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