Bourdain Follow-Up and New Lamb Recipe

We know that we’ve been talking about Anthony Bourdain more than usual lately.  Getting to see him in person, meet him, and go to Les Halles in New York within a one week span was incredible, and you just have to forgive us for babbling on about it.  We’ll probably keep talking about Tony for the duration of this blog’s life, but here are a few things to give closure to that amazing week in our culinary lives:

Meeting Tony and getting our cookbook signed:

(Who’s that guy talking to Tony with the goofiest grin on his face that you’ve ever seen?  Oh yeah… that’s me.)  And, just three days later, we went to Les Halles:

Dinner was amazing!  We started with rillettes for an appetizer, then had two different versions of steak frites for our main course.  (You may remember that Tony recommended steak frites when we asked him what to order.)  I got steak tartare with frites and Mary Katherine got filet mignon with bearnaise sauce and frites.  Both were perfect.

Our waiter told us that Tony still comes in about once a month to Les Halles.  Sometimes he just eats, and sometimes he jumps in and cooks some too.  I was very proud to learn that he often orders the steak tartare when he’s there to eat.  By the way, our table gave us a fantastic view into the kitchen, which made everything all the better.

So this post isn’t just an online diary of us over-eating in NYC, here’s a recipe from The Les Halles Cookbook that we tried recently.  It’s originally with tournedos of lamb (basically lamb tenderloin), but since we couldn’t find that, we went with bone-in lamb chops instead and they were delicious.

Recipe: Lamb Chops with Fig Confit

2 responses to “Bourdain Follow-Up and New Lamb Recipe

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  2. Everything looks delish as always! My Dad loves Bourdain so I am sure he will be jealous that you got to meet him! ha!

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