Roasted Chicken made with Blue Moon

You can ask anyone in either of our families- chicken is rarely something that we get too excited about.  One of the running jokes is to ask, “Do y’all want chicken for dinner tonight?”  We don’t have to answer, because the asker already knows that the answer is no.

We give chicken a hard time, and our families are very patient with us.  One thing that we do love, though, is a whole roasted chicken.  It’s a dish we like to save for a night when comfort food is needed, and it’s a great go-to meal for guests.  With fall coming up, we thought something warm and hearty, but with a faint memory of summer, would be a good recipe to try.

As we mentioned on Friday, we sometimes like to construct our own variations on the basic roasted chicken recipe.  This one came about because we wanted our usual recipe, but we didn’t have any of the ingredients.  So, we decided to improvise, using the herbs we had, and substituting Blue Moon for white wine.  In the end, a gravy, rather than a pan sauce, also seemed more appropriate.

Apparently, this weekend is a major renaissance period for the chicken on 2frugalfoodies- enjoy it while you can!

Recipe: Blue Moon Chicken

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