Same Roasted Chicken, Only Prettier

How often do you roll your eyes when you see that your favorite product at the grocery store has the byline “New Look, Same Great Taste!”? I usually think that kind of thing is pretty silly, unless the new box looks really great.  That’s one of the reasons we shop at Trader Joe’s all the time- same look, same great taste.

Well, for all of us new-look-haters out there, 2frugalfoodies just joined the fray. Sorry. The thing is- we’ve learned so much over the course of this blog that pictures we posted last spring just don’t look as good anymore.  For one of the most fundamental recipes of the blog, it’s a little embarrassing that the picture has looked like this for almost a full year and a half:

Roasted Chicken AFTER the Oven!

We’ve gone back to our basic roasted chicken recipe from Anthony Bourdain many times.  Sometimes we stick with the original recipe, and other times, we make new variations.  (Tune in this weekend for Blue Moon Roasted Chicken…)  It’s a great idea for a warm, comforting, delicious meal.   Now when you want to come to 2frugalfoodies for your roasted chicken inspiration, we hope this gives you a little bit more to get inspired about:

Food & Wine or Saveur might turn us down, but we think it’s a pretty good improvement.  (By the way- taking a picture of a full roasted chicken is difficult!)

(Same Delicious) Recipe: Roasted Chicken

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