Hot Peppers make Hot Sauce

At the Farmer’s Market this weekend, one of our favorite vendors had beautiful pints of hot peppers.  One of them was only half full, and so we got a good deal and decided to go for it.  When you’re looking at buying something with such vibrant colors, it’s pretty impossible to say no.

I’ve wanted to make homemade hot sauce for a long time, but never had the peppers or the knowledge to actually do it.  Now that I have the peppers, all I need is the knowledge, which may be a long, hard road ahead for us.

We decided to start with a simple hot sauce recipe- basic, delicious Louisiana hot sauce.  The recipe calls for the sauce to age for a week before trying it.  So- you’ll see on the recipe that we haven’t tasted it yet, and we can’t vouch for its delicious-ness.  But we can guarantee that it smells really good and REALLY SPICY.

We don’t even know what peppers we put in… can you tell from the picture? Please comment and help us identify them! Also- look back in a week to see the results from the tasting…

Recipe: Louisiana Hot Sauce

One response to “Hot Peppers make Hot Sauce

  1. Don’t know what the peppers are, but they sure are beautiful. All that color in the bright yellow bowl–I’m sure the hot sauce is wonderful!

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