New Recipe for Crabcakes

Crab cakes are not one-size fits all.  The recipes can be simple or challenging.  The end result could be classic and traditional or it could be innovative and unique.  The base flavor is so distintive that it provides a good base to try new variations.

I can remember the first crab cake that I ordered and loved.  It was at a restaurant in North Carolina that has since closed, and it’s a shame that I can’t go back to order more.  The crab cakes came with a mango slaw and were topped with some sort of red pepper aioli sauce.  The cakes themselves were pure lump crab meat, magically held together and cooked perfectly.

We’re not even going to try to replicate that dish here today.  But! We did want to post a new variation on our other crab cake recipes.  Our other recipe calls for the more frugal canned crab meat, which will work just fine.  You could easily substitute the canned crab when you feel like being frugal. When you want to live it up, go with the jumbo lump crab meat.

The new recipe simplifies the cooking process by broiling the cakes instead of frying them.  It may make it a little healthier, but more importantly,  it also makes the chef’s life easier.  We ate these as part of a great salad – but you could easily serve these with a couple of side dishes – with asparagus…or maybe okra… the possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

Recipe: Broiled Crabcakes

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