Strawberry/Blueberry Crumble

On Sunday night – we had a fabulous dinner party. Two of our favorite couples came over (Melissa and Matt, the famous giveaway winners, and Perry and Dan, who are very often featured on this blog).

Dan doesn’t like cooked fruit – so he doesn’t count…but everyone else seemed to love this dessert. I think I was the only one licking my plate at the end, but everyone said it was tasty. and it was.

This “crumble” is different from a normal fruit pie for several reasons – the crumble topping is obviously different than a lattice top pie… but that’s not all. The preparation calls for cooking some of the fruit in sugar before adding it to the rest of the fresh fruit – this releases the juices early so that the pie doesn’t turn into fruity soup when cooked, which has happened to me wayyy too many times.

This pie is great – it’s sweet, it’s fun, it’s fairly easy…and it uses the best of summer ingredients. Go for it before blueberries go back out of season. Have some people over, kick your feet up, and eat “crumble.”

Recipe: Blueberry/Strawberry Crumble

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