Summer Steak Frites

Have you ever thought about the name “French Fries?” From McDonald’s to Applebee’s, this potato preparation seems to be the most “American” menu item possible.  Sure, there was that flap a few years ago about re-naming them Freedom Fries, but I never questioned the fact that French Fries are American anyway.

Now that we like French food and are learning a lot more about it, I understand that there’s a history and a reason behind the name.  Real french fries actually are French, and they are really, really delicious.  Our recipe for cooking fries comes directly from Anthony Bourdain, which shouldn’t be a surprise.   Check out the recipe below for our paraphrase of his great recipe, but really, you should just go buy The Les Halles Cookbook.

That’s the frites part of the recipe, but we also include information on the steak part of the recipe when you click the link below.  We went to Belmont Butchery and got these incredible new york strip steaks… the regular grocery store just isn’t the same anymore.

Summer comes into this dinner through the watermelon salad inspired by Real Simple that we’ve posted before.  The recipe is real simple: watermelon, onion, and torn mint leaves.  And it’s delicious.  I guess that why they named the magazine the way they did…!

Recipe: Summer Steak Frites

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