We recently got back from an incredible trip to visit family who live on the coast of Maine.  We had a great weekend catching up with them and living the good life in Maine.  We had great food, visited picturesque towns, hiked, kayaked, and relaxed together.

The first night that we arrived, we were treated to a traditional Maine lobster dinner (or as they say, lobsta!).  We got the lobsters from a local lobsterman and good friend of our family- they were  fresh out of the ocean that morning.

The only down side of eating fresh Maine lobsters is that it completely spoils you.  Any lobster special at your favorite steak house or seafood restaurant just isn’t going to come close to the real thing.  It’s a price we’re willing to pay…

Recipe:  Experience: Maine Lobsters

One response to “Lobsta!

  1. Hi guys

    Memories of the great summer visit! Chef John Rowland had us check out the website!

    Busy campaigning for reelection. Visit my website, in case you haven’t or my facebook! Getting with the times!

    Love to you both

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