Look Familiar?

This month’s issue (August 2010 – in stores now-ish) of Real Simple looks a lot like this. Why? Because I got my copy of the issue and thought it looked so mouth-wateringly good, that I had to be a copy cat. I tweaked a few itty bitty details, but mostly just enjoyed the fresh flavors and the fact that my plate looked like a magazine cover.

These dishes don’t really need links to recipes – you can basically guess what to do by looking at the picture. Watermelon with torn mint and red onions. Done. Beef kabobs seasoned with salt and pepper (and interspersed with baby heirloom or cherry tomatoes), grilled to medium-rare perfection. Done. Delicious. Easy peasy.

I love summer. and tomatoes. and the grill.

I also love Gardner – who just celebrated a birthday….hence our absence on the blog. He had a great birthday and the celebration continues this weekend as we head to Maine! We’re going to eat fresh-caught lobster (as in, caught 1 hour before cooking) dipped in melted butter…and lots of other yummy things. More pictures and details to come.  Happy weekend!

Taken before Gardner's birthday dinner at our favorite French bistro.

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