Summer’s Here – Let’s Grill!

We recently mentioned our move to a new place.  This one has outdoor space that’s all ours- which means our own patio, yard, and grill.  It’s a fantastic upgrade to our cooking and eating routines, and we’re enjoying it thoroughly. 

We got an inexpensive charcoal grill, and it’s working out well so far.  Grilling has never been my strong suit, so it’s a learning process.  Figuring out when the coals are hot, when the grill rack is hot, and how long to cook things has been a challenge, but we’ve got all summer to perfect it. Stay tuned for further grilling adventures!

Recipe: Ancho Lime Shrimp and Peppers on the Grill

One response to “Summer’s Here – Let’s Grill!

  1. We use the Weber grilling cookbook for some great tips on grilling. M and I got it at Lowes for I think $25? Its huge, and has great illustrations on how to use a grill with different things (charcoal, wood chips, etc.) and how to use ingredients on it! Highly rec’d!

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