Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Happy late Memorial Day!! A lot of people view Memorial Day as the official kick-off of summer. We decided to celebrate by making some homemade ice cream – and since we happened to have fresh cherries (they were 2.99 at the local grocery store this week!), we thought Cherry Garcia would be perfect (for those non-Ben & Jerry’s fans, it’s cherries and dark chocolate chunks in a creamy ice cream base).

When all of us were much younger, my parents took our family on a road trip up the east coast. We went to Niagra Falls, Hershey Park, New York City, and the Ben and Jerry’s factory. I think my favorite part was the free ice cream at the end of the Ben and Jerry’s tour (what does this say about me?). The flavor featured that day happened to be Cherry Garcia.  My brother, Sandy, has always loved Cherry Garcia – so this post is for him – all the way in Malawi!

Recipe: Homemade Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

P.S – Do I seem scatter-brained? I am.  Yes, we moved…and our life is in big, disorganized piles.  More details and pictures to come!

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