Carrot Cupcakes

We’ve been so bad about blogging – forgive us! We were celebrating Gardner’s brother’s graduation from college all weekend – hooray! We’ve got lots of good vegetarian recipes coming your way soon – we promise. For now – eat a cupcake. A carrot one.

These cupcakes are really really good. I’m not saying that so you’ll think I’m a divine baker. no no no. I totally borrowed this recipe and just spruced it up a bit. I’m saying they are really really good so that you’ll make them and eat them – soon.

Recipe: Carrot Cupcakes

P.S. – My sister Ginny is about to come home from school for the summer. Carrot Cake is her absolute favorite. NOTE TO GINNY: when you get bored at home – make these cupcakes. You’ll love them – and you can totally handle this easy recipe. Love you!

One response to “Carrot Cupcakes

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I do LOVE carrot cake! Maybe I’ll try them this week while I am hanging around Davidson with nothing to do! XO

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