A Celebration Meal in May

Exams are finished! This past Friday night, happy to be in the full swing of summer, we were ready for a fun, fancy, celebratory meal. Hanger steak? Filet mignon? Thick pork chops? No. No. Nope. It’s May! All of our usual celebration meals are off limits because of our meatless efforts this month.

Instead of going to the old stand-bys, we had a great time creating a fun meal from our imagination and what we could find around our house/at Trader Joe’s (which we go to so much, it’s basically an extension of our house). We started with a great salad, using mango, cilantro, locally grown spring onions, and some lettuce, topped with a sesame ginger dressing:

Then, after that great first course, we went on to a delicious main course that also featured some locally grown/made ingredients. Our crab cake stack used locally-raised, beautifully brown speckled eggs, cooked in locally made butter (we may never go back!). Tomatoes aren’t quite in season yet, so we cheated there (hot-house), but the whole stack made for an elegant, simple, and delicious main course:

Recipes: Mango Cilantro Salad and Crab Cake Stacks

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