Brandade de Morue

So far, May is in fact meatless for the 2 frugal foodies. We had a great time last night enjoying the warm weather and sitting on different restaurant patios in Williamsburg with good friends. First, we ate Calamari and Boiled Shrimp at Berret’s Taphouse Grille – along with some cold refreshing beer. It was light, perfect summertime cuisine.

Next, we went to our favorite spot, the Blue Talon Bistro, where we found a great table on their patio as the sun was setting. With our new goals for May, pied de cochon, lamb shank, and duck confit salad were out, but we were still able to hit up a few of our all time favorites. Along with a bottle of dry rose, we had a crab cake and the unbelievably delicious Brandade de Morue, a salt-cod dip served with croutons.

So, we started Meatless May off with a splurge on delicious seafood at fun restaurants, enjoying the summertime and our commitment to vege/pescetarian food. Future recipes in May will (1) actually be made by us (2) have a pretty picture and (3) come much closer to frugality. In the meantime, enjoy Blue Talon’s Brandade recipe.

Recipe: Brandade de Morue

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