Meatless May

We’ve been playing with the idea of eating nothing but fish, other seafood and veggies for a whole month, and we finally decided to do it. There are various ways that we’re looking at this, and all of them seem to be a good idea.

  • First, as the summer heat kicks in, light seasonal dishes sound much better than heavy, meaty, wintry ones.
  • Second, cutting out meat, especially red meat, is a healthy thing to do. As much as we love it, it couldn’t hurt to minimize that part of our diet a bit, and this is a good way to start that trend.
  • Third, this is just as much about what we WILL eat as it is about what we won’t eat. We’re eager to learn more about seafood, fish, and vegetarian cuisine. Please send us your recipes!!

Seeing as how the next 31 days are going to exclude any meat recipes, we thought it would be good to have a meat extravaganza before we say farewell. We posted braised short ribs yesterday and homemade pork rinds last week. Even those two recipes don’t compare to what’s in store today.

The first part of today’s meat madness is something we can only thank our excellent hosts for. This past weekend, Perry and Dan treated us to some amazing meat dishes. First, we had pork rilletes from the local farmer’s market – a dish I have always wanted to try after reading The Les Halles Cookbook. Then, we had a real delicacy – beef heart that Dan prepared with a rich gravy over potatoes. The flavor was great and the whole meal was wonderful.

To conclude today’s meat features, we got creative with pulled pork the other night. After making a big pork shoulder, we had tons of leftovers. We also recently discovered Trader Joe’s flour tortillas, which are, hands-down, the best you can find in a grocery store. Combine those two facts with some left over sweet potato spears, and we decided to make pulled pork and sweet potato burritos. They were awesome and we highly recommend them with whatever additions you think would be yummy.

Recipe: Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato Burritos

Ok! So, now that we’ve posted all of those good meat recipes, hopefully they will tide you over for the next few weeks. In the meantime, stay tuned for some delicious vegetarian and pescatarian cuisine – and please – send your ideas and recipes!!

3 responses to “Meatless May

  1. what a month you should have there is always so many options beside meat..can’t wait to see what you post..


  2. Go for it… !! 🙂

    You’ll also be impressed by the grocery money you’ll save.

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