Warm Chocolate Souffle

So, I finally made my very first soufflé. Something about the whisking and the eggs and the puffy perfection always intimidated me… so I made Chocolate tarts and pies and cakes instead. Then, last week, I was flipping through the latest Food & Wine and came across this soufflé recipe, and the magazine claimed that it was easy. Actually, that’s not true – the magazine said it was a staff favorite and that it was “fast,” which it was. This is a soufflé recipe for you. “You” being those who thought soufflés couldn’t be easy. They are.

All of the things that were previously intimidating suddenly became the things I was exclaiming as we ate the soufflé – “it’s so puffy! so light! perfectly fluffy with a gentle crunchy crust!” I officially love eating soufflés. I also officially loved making it – who knew eggs could be whipped into such fabulous, rich perfection?

Recipe: Warm Chocolate Soufflé

Just so you know, it drives me bonkers that I can’t make the “e” in the title of this post be a special e (é). Does anyone know how to do this on WordPress?

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