Breakfast for Dessert!

Growing up, my family (Gardner here) had a set night of the week to have breakfast for dinner. For us, it was usually Sunday night. Scrambled eggs and bacon, or maybe pancakes (along with the fun addition of orange juice instead of the regular milk) made Breakfast for Dinner an exciting night each week. While Mary Katherine and I sometimes adapt our breakfast recipes to a later time of day, we decided to take it one step further here.

Instead of for dinner, we brought breakfast all the way to dessert. We found that whole recipes of Cinnamon Buns or Cinnamon dough bites were both too much to eat at just one breakfast. You can imagine that it is hard to resist these delicious breakfast pastries just sitting around the house – so when our sweet tooth kicked in after dinner one night, we put the cinnamon bites to good use. Now, you can take either of these recipes and book-end your day with them!

Recipe: Breakfast for Dessert with Kahlua Drizzle

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