Happy Birthday Cake!

What makes a cake the perfect birthday cake? For the baker, it needs to be easy, use ingredients that are readily on hand, and be easy to clean up (minimal bowls, pans, etc)…and in my case, the batter has to be tasty. I admit it – I lick the bowl (after the cake is in the baking pans, promise.) For the birthday girl/boy, it needs to be deliciously moist, tasty, and accompanied by some ice cream. Agreed?

We recently celebrated Gardner’s mom’s birthday – and this was the perfect birthday cake.  It was all things to all people: easy, quick, tasty, moist, lovely, and just plain good. Today is another special birthday – my best friend from childhood is celebrating her first birthday as a mommy. Happy Birthday Mary! I love you, so I made you a cake (sort of).  See?

Oh, and Mary licks the bowl too…we used to do it all the time.

Recipe: Classic Chocolate Layer Cake

One response to “Happy Birthday Cake!

  1. Speaking of birthdays…. I need an idea of something easy I can cook for about ten people to celebrate Sandy’s birthday… any ideas?

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