Clementine Cake

This is Nigella Lawson’s seemingly famous clementine cake… We made it once and only modified the baking time. Then we made it again – the second batch turned into 12 delightful little cupcakes with a lemon cream cheese icing (do you call it frosting or icing? we say icing.)

batch 1 = cake.

batch 2 = cupcakes!

There are several amazing things about this recipe:

  1. It only has 5 ingredients.
  2. It doesn’t use flour.
  3. It contains clementine rinds, but is sweet rather than tart.
  4. It is moist in a ridiculous kind of way.
  5. It was so good that I made it twice in one week.
  6. And… there are no leftovers sitting around anywhere.

So – go make some clementine goodness, and enjoy celebrating spring during this beautiful weekend!

Recipe: Clementine Cake/Cupcakes

3 responses to “Clementine Cake

  1. I come from an old Frosting family. We always had butttercream frosting on our cakes and cupcakes at home. “Icing” was reserved for fancy decorated bakery cakes.

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