Easy Spinach Salad

I’m a little conflicted about whether or not to post simple salads like this on the blog. I’m afraid posting salads could do the following:

  1. come across as condescending, as in – put the lettuce in the bowl, top with nuts, blah blah blah, and everyone knows how to do those things.
  2. bore you to death – are salads boring? sometimes I think so.
  3. be a waste of time because you came here for real recipes, not spinach in a bowl, right?
  4. make you annoyed. see above.

Do salads need a recipe to go along with them? I’m confused about this. and a little annoyed. But the picture is good, huh? Kinda makes me want to eat more strawberries…mmm.

“Recipe” – Easy Spinach Salad 

2 responses to “Easy Spinach Salad

  1. No one makes salads like the two of you so keep posting them for those of us who need salad creativity encouragement. Thanks!

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