Lemon Tarragon Chicken Drumsticks

Sales are fabulous. I get excited about sales at my favorite clothing stores and on things like dog food and laundry detergent, but nothing makes Gardner happier than a sale in the meat section of Bloom.

Recently, Bloom (and Farm Fresh and Ukrops, actually) had a big sale on Chicken Drumsticks. They were something crazy like $0.78/pound. (Our general policy is that if something goes on sale for under $1/pound, we buy it.) If you can walk by, see, and ignore a deal like that, then you might be crazy.  

Not only is this dinner dirt cheap, it is simple and remarkably tasty…AND it only has 4 real ingredients (do salt and pepper count as ingredients?). It takes about 5 minutes of actual work, and 45 minutes of oven time – this is what I like to call easy peasy.

bad lighting...sorry.

Recipe: Lemon Tarragon Chicken Drumsticks

Do you recognize the spiced sweet potato spears in the picture? We told you we’ve been eating them a lot…

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