Goodbye Winter!!

There are many things we’ll miss about winter: watching Chance run around in the snow, getting a snow day off from work/school, and eating warm, delicious meals meant to fortify you against the elements. The Christmas tree, being with family, and having long vacations also help.

The words “wintry mix” showing up anywhere close to our weather forecast is something we definitely won’t miss. As wonderful as snow can be, the feeling of bracing yourself for the frigid air before walking to your car is not much fun. Nor is running to the car when you’re already late, only to find that you also have to scrape the windshield.

For the good and the bad, we decided to send winter off in style with Anthony Bourdain’s cassoulet. It’s an incredibly rich, warming, delicious recipe with good hearty ingredients: duck (we used goose!), pork belly, sausages, beans, and onions. One of our favorite ingredients was fresh pork rind – how often do you get to use that in a recipe? We, of course, went to our favorite butchery to find fresh pork rind, and they didn’t let us down. The pork rind we used came from an Ossabaw pig, a close cousin to the revered iberico pigs of Spain, and as they explained to us at Belmont, meat from these pigs is hard to come by. For more information on Ossabaw pigs, click here.

Recipe: Cassoulet

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