Simple and Delicious Duck Breast

Just the mention of duck breast brings about notions of fine dining, gourmet tastes, and mastery of culinary techniques. It implies high expense and makes you think you’re at a fancy restaurant.

Not to ruin the moment, but duck breast isn’t actually all that difficult to prepare, and it isn’t very expensive either. A singular duck breast, which (if you stretch just a bit) will serve two people, only costs between $5-6. And, really y’all, 5 bucks is not much to pay for an incredible protein for your meal. (You could just buy a Wendy’s #1 combo, but not a #6 spicy chicken, because that’s more expensive than a duck breast.)

Next time you need a great meal for an important date night or big occasion, duck breast is the way to go. Why? Because duck breasts just don’t need much to be great. Duck breast, from a good butchery or from Fresh Market (or any other reputable grocery store) is going to be delicious. All you have to do is season it properly and make sure it’s not overcooked.

So, go buy a duck breast. Season it well. Cook it to medium rare. Serve it to whomever you want and watch them oooh and aahh.

Recipe: Coriander Crusted Duck Breast

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