Honey Roasted Turnips

We’ve never really been turnip eaters. Carrots, potatoes, yams, and other roots are fine, but somehow it took us until this winter to really understand how great turnips are.

My first turnip experience was in a simple, but delicious chicken soup that my aunt and uncle made a few winters ago. It was chopped up chicken breast, some basic vegetables, salt and pepper, and some water and chicken stock cooked for about an hour. Easy, right?

I got back to my apartment, excited to try this nice wintry soup and impress anyone who would try it.  It was awful. Tasteless and bland, it was as if I had just haphazardly dumped some spare chicken and water in an effort to suck out all the flavor. (Maybe it wasn’t all that bad… but close!) What was missing?!?

Fast-forward a few winters to right about now. The turnips were missing. That’s it! Now that we’ve realized how good they are, we’re inclined to put them in all sorts of dishes, but we also figured, why not try them by themselves? This recipe is an adaptation from Southern Living, and one that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Recipe: Honey Roasted Turnips

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