Wintry mix forecasted?

There are few remedies to sleet, freezing rain, wind, and sub-freezing temperatures. Most, if not all, of these remedies we’ve found to exist in the kitchen. As great as tomatoes are in the summer, there’s also something so alluring about hearty, meaty, all-day soups and stews in the winter. A big bowl of soup/stew can really warm you up after a cold day.

This ham bone soup is a simple recipe, and one that we made after reading numerous suggestions online from folks who had their family’s special recipe. It is unbelievably frugal, especially if you figure that the ham bone is free after you eat most of the meat.

Though we simmered it for hours on end to make the flavors richer and richer, we’re pretty sure you don’t need all day or even all afternoon to make this good. If you plan ahead, making this soup is easy-breasy, and the hands-on time constitutes only 15 minutes.

Hope this helps warm you up in the fourteenth blizzard of the week!

Recipe: Ham Bone Soup

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