Rigatoni with Sausage and Kale

As it turns out, I have a pretty serious love/hate relationship with the word casserole.

  • “Casserole” … a piece of cookware. No problem with that..
  • “Casserole”… a way to serve 10 people an “easy” dinner (aka chunk of slop next to a side salad). Wince. Puke. 
  • “Casserole”… a clever way to conceal the fact that 6 sticks of butter is what makes that squash so delicious. I have a huge problem with that.
  • “Casserole”… the piece of cookware that works well to hold lots of healthy, yummy ingredients together…Getting better.

Note: This recipe says nothing about being a casserole. You see, even though some of you might call this dish a “casserole,” I refuse. Yes, it was baked in a casserole dish…it’s some pasta, some sausage, some cheese, some healthy greens, and some fresh tomato…all baked to perfection together. It is not slop. It is not hiding 6 sticks of butter…in fact, it’s quite healthy. So, in my life, it is NOT a casserole.

Recipe: Rigatoni with Sausage and Kale

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