Braised Squab

We just passed several important culinary milestones. First – we cooked our first squab (yes, basically, that’s a pigeon, but a delicious one at that). Second, we had to start from scratch on preparing this bird – at $10 per pound, they’re kind enough to include the head, feet, and guts all still intact. It wasn’t a pretty picture, and we recommend having this done for you. Third, we managed to make use of our herb garden in January, but that’s only because rosemary is a rock star and will live no matter what temperature it is outside or how much you ignore it.

To cook this squab, our first source of inspiration was the Cooks Illustrated Poultry collection book, which we checked out at the local library. They recommend braising it with sage and pancetta, but since our sage died, we changed it up a little bit. The rosemary flavor was great going along with this rich meat.

Also – we’ve talked about this before – sometimes we cook things that aren’t frugal. Rack of lamb, squab, filet mignon, and other delicacies are rarely cheap, but we try to find ways to make the dollar go a little bit further with these recipes. So, you’ll see on this recipe that we’ve priced the items and it comes to an amount that is decidedly not frugal for two servings. It’s much cheaper than you’ll find at a restaurant (with admittedly smaller portions), but it’s still not incredibly frugal, especially considering the impossibility of avoiding a nice pinot noir to go along with this dinner. So, when you’ve got a few extra bucks, buy some squab, braise it, and live it up.

Recipe: Braised Squab


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