Scallops with Champagne Cream Sauce

If we always use the real title of the recipe, it will be way too obvious that so many of our recipes come from the Les Halles Cookbook by Anthony Bourdain. The real recipe name here is Coquilles Saint-Jacques with Champagne, and no matter what you call it, it’s a recipe that we would highly recommend.

Last night, Bourdain’s Travel Channel Show, No Reservations, began the new season in Panama, which was great fun. We’ve been procrastinating on this recipe forever (about 7 months) and decided that in honor of the new season, it was time to finally post it. Not that we don’t post enough Bourdain recipes anyway…

He recommends, as we do, that your scallops for this recipe be nice, big sea scallops. As our goal is frugality, we have to admit that you’ll still have a great dinner if you go with the much cheaper (and smaller) bay scallops, but sometimes it’s worth it to live it up. If you have the luxury of being at the beach and buying fresh scallops, then that’s even better!

Recipe: Coquilles Saint-Jacques with Champagne

2 responses to “Scallops with Champagne Cream Sauce

  1. Oh me goodness – I wish I could have come to dinner on this night! My favorite! Now I am starving – great picture!

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