Duck a l’Orange

So, it’s Christmas Eve Eve. Amongst all of your holiday plans, you need a nice, small meal to prepare for your immediate family, and perhaps just you and your significant other, that’s still special and festive. A turkey’s way too big, a chicken is way too everyday, and a goose for $60 wasn’t what you were looking for.

Here’s where we would recommend duck. This is an unbelievably tasty dish, perfect for 2-4 servings (2 hungry people or 4 folks with small appetites and hearty sides), and one that’s much more frugal than you would think. While we’re sure there are many variations on this theme, we went with Anthony Bourdain’s recipe from the Les Halles Cookbook.

When we first looked at the list of ingredients, the number of oranges needed seemed…  countless! To be safe, we bought many more than were necessary, and from that experience, we’ll give you the information up front. You need a total of 3 oranges and 2 lemons to make this recipe. That’s it. If you love oranges, and want an excuse to buy extra, pretend you didn’t read the last little bit.

We hope you enjoy your duck. Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

Recipe: Duck a l’Orange

One response to “Duck a l’Orange

  1. This brought back memories! My mother and grandmothers always made ducks for holiday dinners.

    Our ducks, though, were served with an easy and tasty homemade apple-raisin stuffing instead of a l’orange.

    Happy Xmas Eve Eve!


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