Teres Major with ad hoc Demi Glace Sauce

Sometimes you really want some delicious, tender red meat for dinner, but you don’t need a whole cow for yourself. That’s why we keep a teres major steak (or 2 or 3 or 4 or…) in our freezer. Half of one of these cuts of meats is a nice small portion and a great way to satisfy that red meat craving. If you’re having company over for a fancy meal, this size portion might be perfect for a first course salad protein, or even for a nice lunch salad…

Last time we made teres major, our results were not quite what we thought they would be, though we thoroughly enjoyed the outcome even with the unexpected twists and turns. This time, we are fortunate enough to be able to produce a recipe for you to try this delicious cut of beef. (To see last time’s trials, click here.)

You may remember when we spent a day making veal stock this summer. Part of that process entailed making a demi glace sauce, comprised of shallots, red wine, and dark veal stock. Here, we decided to make the demi as we went, deglazing the pan with red wine and then adding the veal stock – pretty delicious. If you’ve already made some demi, you can throw that in, too, for extra flavor.

Recipe: Teres Major with ad hoc Demi Glace

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