YAY! Winners!

We lovingly wrote all of your names down on little pieces of paper, folded the strips of paper, and placed them in a wine coaster (i.e. – makeshift bowl). Then, I blindfolded Gardner, and he chose one. ONE! But, turns out – there were two names on it! So, actually, there are two winners who happen to live in the same house and have the same address.

Matt and Melissa?!? Who are those people, you ask? Remember their post? We are certainly going to try the Italian Creme Cake soon. Matt and Melissa –  They are great…. in fact, they look like they could be models IN Southern Living, not just readers OF Southern Living… agreed? Agreed.

Picture to follow if they respond “yes” to my “pretty please can we post a picture of you on the blog?” email.

Ohh, they said yes!!

See?? I told you..Models..

(This is one of their amazing engagement photos…. Their friend takes INCREDIBLE photos – cramerphoto.com.)

Since I’m posting without a picture of them to flaunt pictures of them, I (still need to show you that I) got a little over excited about photographing their winning strip of paper. Forgive me.

Congratulations, Matt and Melissa!! We hope you’ll enjoy reading/flipping through Southern Living as much as we do!

Love, Mary Katherine and Gardner

ps, email us your address, please. 🙂

One response to “YAY! Winners!

  1. Hello! Love that you love Matt and Melissa! They are INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for your sweet words about my work. I absolutely LOVE what I do. Thank you for your blog. I check it frequently and think you guys are just fantastic! Happy holidays!

    Sarah (CRAMER PHOTO)

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