Duck Breasts with Fig Sauce

Duck. When I was thinking about what to say in this post…for some reason ALL I could think about was that game “duck, duck, GOOSE.” My mind is strange. Remember that game, though? So fun. Gardner and I were talking about it last night and remembering the rules. I divulged that when I was “it”, I would choose the “goose” to be the person NEXT TO the person I secretly wanted to sit by.  This would always land me a spot next to a good friend or my lastest kindergarten crush. Smart, right?

Duck. My second association is from Top Chef last night. The judges praised Jennifer (who, sadly, had to go home) for her remarkably “ducky-duck.” They said that the “ducky” flavor of duck is usually concealed by fruity glazes or other flavors and that she had succeeded in preparing the duck such that it truly tasted like DUCK. Interesting.  

This recipe for duck breasts is from a recent edition of Food and Wine. Tom Colicchio might not approve of this recipe..because according to last night’s episode, he’s not a huge fan of covering duck with fruity glazes….but, we like to think this fig sauce only enhances these duck breasts. Try the recipe and let us know what you think!

Recipe: Duck Breasts with Fig Sauce

Also, who loves shiny, recipe-filled magazines? Oh, yeah, we do! Don’t forget to comment on any post or recipe for your chance to win a one-year subscription to Southern Living!

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