Too Late for Thanksgiving 2009

…But just in time for Christmas 2009 or any other holiday that requires a TURKEY! We intend on keeping this blog up next year too, so you can always come back in 2010 and beyond…

We brined this turkey and thoroughly enjoyed the results. It takes some planning ahead, but the moist delicious meat  is surely worth the effort. We used Alton Brown’s recipe as a basis for what we did, but made a few minor tweaks here and there.

Not only was this turkey delicious, but it was also frugal – 39 cents per pound for the actual turkey. With all of the delicious additions, a 23 pound bird ended up being $19.80 – pretty amazing. This price fed 14 people with Thanksgiving appetites and had plenty to spare for leftovers.

Recipe: Roast Turkey

P.S. What’s the deal? Does everyone already have a subscription to Southern Living? Please comment on this post, the last post, or any other post and give us some good holiday cooking ideas! Thanks!

One response to “Too Late for Thanksgiving 2009

  1. It’s not exactly a family tradition, but we’ve had a pomegranate and arugula salad at our holiday dinners before and I’ve absolutely loved it…and I know how fond you both are of salads (well, you know how fond I am of salads, I guess) so I thought I’d share it. I don’t exactly know the recipe, so I looked around online for something that sounded similar (try this: I’m pretty sure the one I’ve had has carmelized onions in it…or maybe thinly sliced pears?
    Anyway, it’s fab 🙂

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